6 summits in 4 weeks

The world record for climbing 6 of the worlds highest mountains, known as the 8000ers, has been completed in just over 4 weeks. Nims has succeeded in the first phase of his ambition to speed climb the worlds 14 highest mountains in 7 months.

Preparing the first mountain, Annapurna, Nims had to climb the mountain nearly 4 times in order to fix lines and ensure the narrow window for the summit was met.

The winds on Dhaulagiri made the climb worse than Annapurna, reputed to be the world’s deadliest mountain, and the queues on Everest were extraordinary.

We have to wait until Guinness World Records verify the climbs but from our reckoning there are a number of records that have been not only broken but ‘smashed’. Not least of which is Nims’ own record of Everest, Lohtse & Makalu which stood at 5 days – we believe he has just done it in 48 hrs 30 mins, having already climbed the worlds 10th, 7th and 3rd highest peaks.

Along with Nims, everyone at Project Possible is extremely grateful for the support on Social Media and especially those who have become our Partners through sponsorship on this challenge and those who have donated to keep this project on the road.

1. Annapurna. Apr 23 Summit – Project Possible officially begins. 10th Highest peak

This was the first summit of any mountain in the Himalaya this year. There were 32 climbers who summited thanks to the leadership of Nims & his team. On April 25th Nims was back above Camp 4 for the extraordinary, and documents, rescue of Dr Wui Kin Chin.

“We had to wake up around 0200hrs in the morning and do a head start in order to trail blaze and set fixed lines. Remaining would wake up when the sun hits the tent and then follow the path and the lines we had set.” Nims Purja Instagram

2. Dhaulagiri May 12 Summit 1800 hrs 7th Highest peak

May 11 Climbing in winds in excess of 70-75mph “We could only climb when the wind

speed decreases for a bit and when it goes up again we would embrace because we couldn’t move and if we did we would have been blown away.” Nims on Instagram

3. Kanchenjunga May 15 Summit at 1119 hrs 3rd Highest peak

“Within a few hours of getting back to Annapurna basecamp from the very challenging summit, and with high sleep deprivation (4 days worth in total during the summit push), I had to roll on a rescue mission of Mr Chin.

Within less than 31 hours of summiting Dhaulagiri in extreme weather conditions, I was heading for the summit push of the worlds 3rd highest mountain Kanchenjunga. I had to switch into rescue mission at 8450m without the help of supplemental oxygen.

Don’t you think I was exhausted? Don’t you think I was drained? Don’t you think I had thought about my family? After all I am only human but what makes me different from others is having the mindset -positive mindset and what willingness to do it.” Nims Purja Instagram

4. Everest May 22 Summit 0530 hrs. Highest peak in the world

c. 320 people on the summit. Long line of people photo on Instagram @nimsdai

5. Lhotse May 22 Summit 1545 hrs – in 10hrs 15 mins after the summit of Everest

4th Highest peak, equalling his previous record of summiting Everest & Lohtse

6. Makalu May 24 Summit 0600 hrs – as reported on Seven Summit Treks

5th Highest peak

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