11 Summits in 94 Days

After completing Phase 1 of Project Possible in just 4 weeks, Nims and his team were trail blazing through to the next Phase.  

On 3rd July 2019, Nims began Phase 2 by ascending Nanga Parbat. Locally known as Diamer, it is the ninth highest mountain in the world located in Pakistan, which is also known as ‘Killer’ mountain. After completing Nanga Parbat and defeating the weather conditions, Bremont announced their title sponsorship of ‘Bremont Project Possible’.

“As you can see from the news of me summitting Nanga Parbat, Phase 2 has officially begun! Having started secretly for security reasons, I can now share news of my 7th summit in just over 4 weeks, as well as the fact that the reason this has been possible for me to continue is thanks to Bremont who has stepped up to be Title Sponsor of Project Possible 14/7.”

“I’m extremely overwhelmed by the financial support and morale that Bremont have given me at a crucial stage of the Project, in order to facilitate phase 2 of Project Possible. Without this support, I would have no longer been able to continue in my endeavour to climb all 14 8000m peaks within 7 months. Thank you Bremont for believing in me and Project Possible once again.

“I’m back on track … blazing a trail!”

Nirmal Purja.

On the 15th July, Nims lead his team to Gasherbrum I (GI), shortly followed by Gasherbrum II (G2) within just 3 days after overcoming some extreme & challenging experiences.

“After successfully summiting G2 I’ve arrived at K2 basecamp to find most teams packing up and abandoning their expeditions. Clearly this isn’t an option for the “Bremont Project Possible 14/7”. It’s now confirmed that I will be heading up the summit fixing team of 5 Sherpas; 2 from the Seven Summit Treks and 3 including myself from the Project Possible team. We will be heading up for the summit push on the 24th. I know no one is bigger than nature, but with hope, belief and determination we will be pushing for summit on the 24th. The remaining climbers will follow 24 hrs later due to safety reasons. I hope the mountain will allow us all a safe passage.

“If I’m honest, I could have gone to Broad peak and then follow up K2 but there’s a lot of hope in my team hence I’m intentionally heading towards K2 first.”

Nirmal Purja.

K2 is the second highest mountain in the world, after Mount Everest at 8,848 metres. Despite other teams aborting their climb to the summit of K2, Nims and his team made the decision to defy the odds and dangerous conditions and aim for the summit of K2. On arrival at base camp, many other climbers had left and those that remained were waiting in the hope that Nims would be able to fix the route for the first time this season to allow them to follow his tracks. Leading his fixing team, Nims opened the route to the summit and successfully stood at the K2 peak alongside the Bremont Project Possible team on July 24th at 07:40am local time. The fixing team members included Lakpa Dendi Sherpa, Gesman Tamang, Changba Sherpa and Lakpa Temba Sherpa.

They are the first to summit K2 this season — and in fact, this year — since winter attempts in January and February failed. For Nims, K2 marks his 10th 8000’er in just over three months, as counted from when he stood on the summit of Annapurna on April 23. Nims managed to complete all the 5 peaks above 8000m peaks in Pakistan within just 23 days and that’s without using any helicopter support to base camps. Nims and the team has been covering 8 days worth of trek in just 3 days, carrying their kit on majority of the treks, as he says porters couldn’t catch up and he needed to do this to hit the time frame.

K2 Summit

The next challenge was Broad Peak. Having only just arrived back to base camp at K2 on July 25th at 5pm, Nims and his team headed straight to Broad Peak within 10 hours from their last decent. They managed to summit Broad Peak in harsh conditions on the 26th July at 08.50hrs local time within one push. They safely returned back to K2 base camp in record time at 8pm the same day, marking this as their successful completion of Phase 2.

With only three out of the fourteen 8.000m peaks remaining, the Bremont Project Possible’ is heading towards its 3rd final phase. The team is now going to enjoy their well-deserved break, before swinging into their final endeavour in full speed as of September. Onwards & upwards!

Nanga Parbat Summit